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Hello and welcome to my journal! Here I write about my own ideas and promote others' ideas. I mostly talk about computing, philosophy, spirituality, privacy, and society but this journal is not limited to those topics.

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Journal Entries

Shouting Into the Void

Date: 2021-09-16

Read time: 5 minutes

Summary: Are there better ways for me to promote my ideas? Let me know what you think.

Journal Update 015

Date: 2021-09-10

Read time: 3 minutes

Summary: Find out what's new in my journal.


Date: 2021-09-05

Read time: 19 minutes

Summary: The morality of procreation.

Dealing With Close-Minded People

Date: 2021-08-28

Read time: 13 minutes

Summary: Why are some people so close-minded and what's the best way to deal with them?

Site Update 014

Date: 2021-08-28

Read time: 2 minutes

Summary: Find out what's new on my blog.

Manufacturing Agreement

Date: 2021-08-21

Read time: 12 minutes

Summary: I have NOT read and do NOT agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Disgustingly Rich

Date: 2021-08-19

Read time: 2 minutes

Summary: We ought to take back the billionaires' wealth through a wealth tax and use it to solve the problems they created.


Date: 2021-07-25

Read time: 5 minutes

Summary: Fly less to combat climate change and protect your freedom and privacy.

Avoid Using Cryptocurrency

Date: 2021-07-18

Read time: 11 minutes

Summary: It's time for crypto geeks to stop ignoring the serious ethical concern posed by cryptocurrency's massive energy consumption.

Site Update 013

Date: 2021-07-09

Read time: 2 minutes

Summary: Find out what's new on my blog.

Integrated Activism

Date: 2021-06-30

Read time: 5 minutes

Summary: My philosophy on how to make a positive impact as an activist.

Get the Vaccine

Date: 2021-06-28

Read time: 3 minutes

Summary: Many people will die needlessly or become permanently disabled due to their foolish refusal to get vaccinated. Don't be one of them.

My Career Path

Date: 2021-06-16

Read time: 22 minutes

Summary: I haven't said much about my career since I quit my job and dropped out of college over a year ago to avoid non-free software. So this is my life update.

Site Update 012

Date: 2021-06-10

Read time: 1 minute

Summary: Find out what's new on my blog.

Don't Use Github

Date: 2021-05-31

Read time: 3 minutes

Summary: Don't use Github to host your free software projects! It's the worst place to host your code. It's proprietary, centralized and owned by Micro$oft.

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