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Welcome to the promoted page of the gemini capsule of Nicksphere.com (mirrored on the web)! On this page, I promote the content and ideas of others.


A person or organization's name listed on this page does not mean I endorse everything they've ever said or done, or even most of what they've said or done. It only means they are worth looking into because they either have worthwhile ideas or they themselves do something important/impactful.

The same disclaimer goes for content on this page. Just because I add a book does not mean I endorse every sentence in that book. It merely means that book contains ideas I deem important. Nevertheless, I do try to minimize the amount of bad ideas and information in my promoted content. Just remember that no one has all the answers, question everything and think for yourself.

Academic Works

A Letter From Utopia

Astronomical Waste: The Opportunity Cost of Delayed Technological Development

Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

Existential Risks: Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios and Related Hazards

In the Great Silence there is Great Hope

Reflections on Trusting Trust

The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant

The Meta-Newcomb Problem

Why I Want to be a Posthuman When I Grow Up


Free Will



The Moral Landscape

The Selfish Gene

Waking Up


American Civil Liberties Union

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Extinction Rebellion

Free Software Foundation

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Future of Humanity Institute

Matrix Foundation

Open Privacy

Sunrise Movement

Tor Project


Aaron Swartz

Alan Watts

Anthony Magnabosco

Bernie Sanders

Carl Jung

Christopher Hitchens

Jon Matter

Edward Snowden

Greta Thunberg

Hemant Mehta

Martin Luther King Jr.

Matt Dillahunty

Nick Bostrom

Richard Dawkins

Richard Stallman

Rob Braxman

Sam Harris

The Hated One


Making Sense


The Atheist Experience

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